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Unless you're a millionaire and can pay for your health care out of pocket, health insurance is a crucial purchase. The time to buy it is before you have an accident, suffer a serious illness or discover you're pregnant.

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9 Ways to Lower Your Health Insurance Premiums

You can shop around for health insurance quotes just as you would for better car insurance rates. Fortunately, lower premiums don't mean shoddy health insurance plans. “There are a variety of affordable health insurance options available today that also offer quality coverage […] Find coverage that meets your family's unique healthcare and budget needs..
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6 Heath Insurance Myths: Debunked

Hearsay and incorrect information often fuel people's misunderstandings of health insurance. When was the last time you snuggled up with a cup of coffee and your health insurance policy? According to the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the following myths are alive and well in the minds of most folks.
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Medical Treatments Insurers Won't Touch

Insurers are the gatekeepers of health care for most Americans. This arrangement can put investigational and experimental medical treatments out of reach. Unless you are wealthy and can afford to fly to Switzerland for a new life-saving procedure, there is rarely anyone you can turn to who will foot the bill for an experimental surgery, even in the most dire of cases.

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How To Avoid a Health Insurance Claim Denial

Everyone has to visit the doctor sooner or later, and these trips don't come at a small cost. That's why you have health insurance. What happens when you know you need care and your insurance company says you don't? Most people are taken by surprise when one of their health insurance claims is denied. Some denials are a consequence of actions within your control.Read More…

Understanding Medicare Health Insurance

Medicare is a health insurance program for people age 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Original Medicare, also called traditional Medicare and Medicare fee-for-service (FFS), is the most widely used and best understood choice through which Medicare beneficiaries receive their health care.Read More…

How To Get Free Prescription Medicine

For too many Americans, skipping doses of prescription drugs to save money or cutting pills in half to make them last longer is a way of life. According to a March 2008 report, one in five Americans are currently taking four or more prescription drugs on a daily basis. The report shows that a significant portion of those with prescriptions have difficulty affording them.
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Know Your Healthcare Plan's Weird Rules

You might not be too happy to find out what rules a group health plan can impose. We enlisted two industry experts to help us answer some of the most common questions regarding health plans at work: Arlene Lieberman is a principal in the employee benefits practice at Barney & Barney, and Teagan Storck is a benefits administrator at Argus Benefits.

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How To Haggle For a Lower Price With Your Doctor

You might have negotiated a better price for a new car or bargained for a great lamp at a yard sale, but did you know you might be able to negotiate with your doctor to lower your out-of-pocket expenses? According to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, among those who have tried to negotiate medical bills, 93 percent were successful.
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“Birthday Rule" Determines Health Insurance Coverage

Your health plan's “birthday rule" does not mean that it will throw a party for you each year. Rather, the birthday rule is an informal procedure that the health insurance industry has adopted for the coordination of benefits when children are listed as dependents on two parents' plans. When you're covered under multiple insurance plans, the plans have to coordinate benefits.
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